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Arlene McFarlaneArlene McFarlaneFrom a very young age, I studied people and their habits; everything from how people dressed to how they spoke and interacted with others. For some reason, this fascinated me and it kind of stuck. Through the years, I’ve been told I have an eye for detail.

I used that skill, and at 21, as a licensed beautician, aesthetician, and electrologist, I bought a building and operated a full-service beauty salon. The years were good. I loved the art of beautifying others, and I was blessed in my personal life by marrying a wonderful man. Then I broke my leg, and life took on a new direction.

I went to university, and several years later gave birth to a beautiful baby girl; two years after that, a sweet baby boy. Since I wanted to be home with my children, I turned in my scissors and delighted in being a mother. I remembered my university English professor strongly urging me to keep writing, so when time allowed, I wrote and discovered I loved creating stories. I eventually found something I was passionate about writing ~ a comedy mystery about a beautician who used her tools of the trade to help solve crimes. This led to the birth of Valentine Beaumont and the Murder, Curlers series!



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