Arlene McFarlane
Arlene McFarlane



Welcome to Rueland, Massachusetts, where secrets are rarely buried, keeping your mother off your back is impossible, and running a salon can be deadly. Beautician Valentine Beaumont survives all three and is in for a hair-raising shock when her spoiled client, socialite Portia Reynolds, is strangled right under her nose.

Unfortunately, a dead customer in the beauty industry is not exactly a drawing card, and Valentine feels obligated to find Portia’s killer. Too bad Detective Michael Romero doesn’t agree. He’s a hard-nosed cop who feels she should leave investigating to the police. However, Valentine doesn’t heed the detective’s advice. Instead, she learns Portia had more kinks than curls in her personal life and, as she tries to avoid the difficult but handsome detective in untangling the murder, she finds out just how nasty Portia was.

With Guccis on her feet, a bag full of tools-of-the-trade on her back, and a kooky cast of characters in her midst, Valentine holds her own investigation, discovering Portia wasn’t the only one with dirty secrets.



Valentine Beaumont is back in her second hair-raising murder mystery, this time trying to find out who had it in for an old nun.

It’s Monday morning, the salon is closed, and Valentine’s tearing out her hair in an effort to find a new stylist. After exhausting a long list, she hires a motorcycle-riding, leather-wearing jock named, well, Jock. After admittedly making a colossal error, she scrambles to stay on schedule with her usual hair appointments at the seniors’ villa, Rueland Retirement Home, smack dab in the middle of Rueland, Massachusetts. But when Valentine steps her Fendi heels into Sister Madeline’s apartment, she finds the sweet nun dead. What’s more, she wonders what the nun wished to share with her only days before her suspicious death.

Between brushing off Jock’s advances and splitting hairs with the handsome Detective Michael Romero, Valentine sweeps up the crime amidst a crazy cast of characters, utilizing her tools-of-the-trade in some pretty wacky circumstances.



In her third fast-paced mystery, Valentine Beaumont is leaving Rueland, Massachusetts’s autumn winds behind to board a Caribbean cruise ship. What could be a fabulous voyage turns desperate when she’s joined by her well-meaning family and outrageous staff, including hunky stylist Jock de Marco. More threatening, Valentine learns dark and sexy Detective Romero is heading in the opposite direction on a case with his new partner, a woman. The only thing keeping Valentine onboard is the thought of winning five thousand dollars in a hair contest—the exact amount she promised to donate to the new children’s wing at Rueland Memorial.

Once the ship sets sail, a feisty passenger is murdered, a drug smuggling operation seems to be afoot, one of Valentine’s irreplaceable employees becomes seasick, a family member is kidnapped, events of a hair contest wreak havoc, Jock is unstoppable and mysterious, Romero and his partner get too close for comfort, death threats mount, and Valentine is in the middle of it all.

Will this impulsive beautician save the day, or will this cruise turn into another fatal Titanic?

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